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Do you know how to maintain the TOOL HOLDERS ?

Most of the CNC tool products will rust. The important thing for the maintenance of the props is the prevention of rust and collision. In order to prevent the mixing and damage of the tools, it is necessary to purchase the tool cart and the tool management seat.

How to avoid rust prevention?

1. High-quality anti-rust oil.

2. Before the anti-rust treatment, pay attention to wipe the knife clean, and then apply oil to prevent rust.

3. Keep the room dry.

4. The tool cart and the management seat pay attention to the classification and placement of the tools to prevent tool collisions. It is strictly forbidden to put the tools together without any packaging.

5. It is forbidden to use severely corrosive liquid for machining and cutting.

The solution to tool rust

Assuming that the tool encounters rust: it is not recommended to use rough grinding such as sandpaper. It is recommended to buy a polishing agent specially used for polishing. The particles are relatively fine, much like toothpaste, which will cause less damage to the taper of the tool. It is smoother after polishing. If the tool cannot be repaired, please stop using it immediately and buy a new tool. (Tools are basically consumables and semi-consumables, and must be replaced when they reach a certain level, otherwise it will affect the accuracy and machine tool)

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